Monday, September 25, 2006
I'm pleased to say that I got into a life drawing class this semester. My major is a mix of digital art, music, and film which means traditional art classes really aren't required. In fact, I've been told by a couple advisors that they found it odd a digital arts student even wanted to take traditional art classes. Ah, the mistake of switching majors... But that's a story of another day. At the moment I'm just glad I have a chance to be creative. Any way a few pics from the class (naughty bits were censored just in case) -

Quick Sketches - I think the spirals help show the human form rather than quick lines back and forth or just outlining the figure.

Cross contour drawing from the back. It's sort of like dividing the figure with imaginary lines.

Semi-cross contour, semi-cross hatching.

A 45 minute study with slightly more cross hatching. I'm worried my drawings may have a "cartoony" feel to them, but Animation is where I wanna end up so maybe that's not a bad thing?
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