Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I don't usually enjoy looking at my old art because I'm so critical of myself. I also don't usually like said 'old art'; however, I peeked at some of my stuff from my 2nd semester (freshman year) Basic Drawing class and I liked what I saw. Feelin' like a broken record here, but it really is about practice. Being in an art class helps too. Hopefully I'll find my art supplies when I move into my apartment (first one, woo!).

[1st pic] Horse, line art we did in class (if you look close you see it only earned me a "CD" grade - not quite a C or a D...)
[2nd pic] Quick pen sketch, scenery from "Jekyll & Hyde" (was in the chorus, helped build the set too). This set piece was the best. It stretched along the whole back length of the stage and was a permanent piece for the entirety of the show. We called it "The Hindenburg".
[3rd pic] Quick pen sketch, hanging piece for Jekyll's lab.
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