Tuesday, October 14, 2008
This summer I took part in my first art competition - the Strawberry Festival Plein Air competition.

My mom contributed the use of her van for all my stuff. It was fairly comfortable, though the trunk door only covered part of me, so half my body got sunburned.

The subject - my middle school. It seems so much smaller now.

Work in process

The finished piece, minus a frame. Not too shabby seeing as I only had two afternoons free to get it done (artists get 1 week to finish). At the end all pieces are displayed and there is a silent auction. A friend of my mother bought it so at least I got back a little more than the entry fee.


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Day 1 - in class painting. Black, white, and grays glaze using oil paint and linseed oil.

Day 2 - color added. I like the background, but the figure needs work.


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The beginning of my silhouette project for my Metalsmithing class.
It's cut from a 12" x 6" piece of copper. I broke a ridiculous amount of saw blades doing this project (thankfully they are quite cheap).

Doesn't translate well via pictures unfortunately. I'm holding an iPod if you can't tell.
No, it wasn't originally supposed to be like the iPod commercials. Part of the requirements was to make this somehow contemporary. Since I was in my pointe shoes this was the only way I could think to fulfill that rule.

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In Figure Painting we practiced Lucian Freud's (Sigmund Freud's nephew) painting technique. It's specific and yet it isn't. I thought it was very different and freeing.

In class - 1 day
Not finished, but still successful.

Copy of Freud 
painting - in process

The finished piece. One of my most successful paintings.

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