Tuesday, November 20, 2007
As usual I've fallen so very far behind in my schoolwork. I'm hoping to get caught up, or close to caught up, over the Thanksgiving weekend. In the mean time, here's a painting I'm working on:

Lots of things to touch up/fix/fill in still (I hate the color of the cat in the corner).

Next is my basically finished 3-D project. We were given a 4' x 4' sheet of plywood and had to make a chair. Mine isn't exactly a chair, but I think it's pretty sweet. I based the design on an animation board.
(such as this)

So basically it's a backrest. There's not enough room in my room to do art so I do it on my floor. Now I have something to lean against. Also I could use it as a drawing surface.

It folds up! So I can put it under my bed or behind the dresser. Also it has a handle.

The chair in action. (Woo Colbert!)

I made a few mistakes here and there and the folding parts took a lot of time to figure out, but it's done for the most part. Now I just have to prime, paint, and add a design element if there's time.
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