Tuesday, December 16, 2008
I don't know what triggered the idea for my final painting of the semester, but I ended up wanting to do something based on some work by Peter Poplaski. Peter is a talented artist who is a big fan of Zorro :) He's also a relative of mine. If there's one thing Peter enjoys it's dressing up as Zorro. He's even done self-portraits as the masked hero.  You can find some examples of his work here. So, Pete, this is for you. I'm sorry if I don't do proper justice to your hero.

I do love dressing up for projects. Thank goodness I had some of the clothes. Alas, I didn't have a mask, rapier, or cape.

Not sure I'm 100% done. I think it needs some touches here and there. I did the basic design based on "The Mask of Zorro", but I wanted the costume to be more like the TV show.

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