Thursday, October 04, 2007
A new semester begins (or rather began 4 weeks ago) which means new classes. I'm now officially in the Drawing & Painting program which will be better off for me when applying for animation school.

I'm getting rid of my "Freshman" foundation classes so I can move forward in the program. It's great taking studio classes again. I have Art Survey (lecture), 3-D Concepts, 2-D Concepts, and Quick Drawing which is basically 4 hours of drawing a model.

This is one of my project for 3-D. I was given a choice of words and had to convey it without being too literal. I chose "hinge". The piece is a little abstract, but not too far from the mark I think.

This self-portrait was actually my final piece for my Life Drawing class last year. It didn't go over well with the class ("too cartoony" was one of the comments), but I don't care. It was fun being able to get on my pointe shoes again to combine two of my loves - Art and Dance.
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